The 3hgroup site is hosted through Powertel (Sydney), but the meegos poster came through TPGI (Also Sydney) – so they don’t necessarily use the same provider – but they do live in the same town. Turns out apnic is a better resource than xpenguin et al.

One last thing

about Meegos. Choice quote from one of the astroturfer’s posts: funny how people with no job but to knock everyone else think that they have authority in many topics that are internet related Whoops! I’m a web developer and systems administrator, and have been involved with the Internet in one way or another for over …

Blogpowers Activate

(For those who have been out of the loop, meegos are fucktastically stupid little icon things that ninemsn is foisting on a new generation of adolescent and pseudo-adolescent schmucks eager to make up for their lack of a personality with “cool” MSN avatars. I used to think they were cute, but irrelevant. Now I’m a …


Someone started a flamewar on my site. Check it out! That’s the last time I write a post that contains a popular google keyword. Oh, and butts porn sluts whores schoolgirl cum paris hilton. Just so you know.