glTF Media Type – Upload and embed new industry-standard 3D models in your site

glTF is quickly becoming a key component of the “WebGL Metaverse” – a standard way to exchange 3D data.

[github repo=”gravityrail/wordpress-gltf”]
And here’s an embedded model!

[gltf_model scale=”0.02″ url=””]

VR Views – View 360′ images and videos on the web and VR headsets

My first plugin! This is pretty awesome, but I can’t claim too much credit – it just wraps Google’s “VR Views” technology.

[github repo=”gravityrail/wp-vr-views”]
And here’s a VR view:

[vrview image=”//” is_stereo=”true”]

FitPress – the FitBit plugin for WordPress

Currently this is in a fairly alpha state, but the code is simple and contributes are more than welcome.

[github repo=”gravityrail/fitpress”]

Docker image for WordPress development

See the article I wrote for how to use this docker image to modernize and speed up your WordPress development workflow.

[github repo=”gravityrail/wordpress-docker-dev”]

Github Repo WordPress Plugin

It’s the plugin used on this page 🙂

[github repo=”gravityrail/github-repo-shortcode”]

Baby Kick Counter

A simple Rails app that I wrote to keep track of kick counts during pregnancy.

[github repo=”gravityrail/kickcounter”]