Apache Wicket on Google App Engine for Java

Holy smokes, that was easy. I\’ve got a basic Wicket app running on Google App Engine in under 2 minutes.

3 small traps for the unwary. First of all, you need to enable sessions in your appengine config file.


Secondly, add the following line into your WebApplication\’s init() method:

    protected void init() {
        //remove thread monitoring from resource watcher

Thirdly, override the newSessionStore() method to return HttpSessionStore, because the default second level session store uses java.io.File, which Google App Engine doesn\’t allow:

    protected ISessionStore newSessionStore()
        return new HttpSessionStore(this);
//      return new SecondLevelCacheSessionStore(this, new InMemoryPageStore());

That\’s because Google App Engine doesn\’t want you spawning threads. Obvious enough.

So that\’s it! You\’re in a Wicket-land of infinite scalability…

(I\’m sure there\’s more to it but I was excited…)

See my stupid test here: http://transitplatform.appspot.com/