Sea of Love

First mix of a Cat Power cover – just piano and voice. I remember seeing her at the Punter’s Club back in… was it 1996? A lifetime ago. I didn’t appreciate what I was experiencing at the time. She’s pretty cool.

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Golden Age

A quick-and-dirty cover with minimal instrumentation I made this afternoon. I’m experimenting a bit with harmonies. I have loved this song (by Beck, from Sea Change) since the first time I heard it at Doctor Dave’s house about 10 years ago.

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Anna Begins

Cover of a really great song by Counting Crows from August and Everything After. In the early 90’s I was absolutely mad for these guys. Yes, I am absolutely showing my age.

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Wild Horses

I recorded this song a few months ago. It was a second attempt after I tried to sing way too loud in the first. Turns out good microphones are sensitive, and good singers are supposed to know that 🙂

Also, that’s (Brent Strahan)[] guitar-soloing over the piano solo. International collaboration!

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