Laughmageddon II: The Copenhagening

Over the last few months I\’ve been gradually putting together a new comedy show. This will be my biggest ever, at a huge two-story venue at Trades Hall, Melbourne.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Laughmageddon II: The Copenhagening.

Fundamentally, it\’s a bunch of top comics performing standup and a version of Al Gore\’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, in madcap, tag-team style. Expect music, sketch, animation, stand-up, surprise guests and more.

Here\’s the details:

When: Friday, 20th November, 8pm

Where: “New Council Chambers”, Trades Hall, cnr Victoria Street and Lygon Street, Melbourne

How Much: Tickets are $25 full-price, $15 concession. All proceeds donated to the Australian Conservation Foundation for their “Road to Copenhagen” campaign.

For tickets and more information, head to the web site:


I work in New Media

One of the funniest things I saw last festival was a song by The Bedroom Philosopher called “I work in New Media”. It completely deflated the hyped-up bubble of “new media” language-mangling and revealed that, ultimately, none of us can describe what we do, let alone in 140 characters or less.

Well, someone has finally described what we do. And it\’s horrifying. And it\’s hilarious.

To my clients: Don\’t take this the wrong way…

(Stolen from biella)

Guest Appearance on Byte Into It

Last week on Melbourne\’s 3RRR, Georgia Webster, Andrew Fish, Keren Flavell and myself discussed Windows 7, TinyXP, iPhone security, defamation, video games, the seeming success of the Australian \’net filtering trial and my experiences at the Open Video Conference.

It was a really fun experience and reminded me how much I miss radio. There\’s something very liberating about such a simple live medium, and you don\’t have to worry about whether you\’ve got food on your shirt. Radio is kind of a nerd\’s dream, because it\’s closer to “pure thought” than all the live visual media.

You can download the MP3 here.