I’m on duty for week 2, but the Hippo Corporate Headquarters is already bringing the house down at Coachella.

They’re all interesting, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had been much more impressed by the installments of past years. That is, until I saw something called “The Corporate Headquarters” by Derek Doublin and Vanessa Bonet. A three-story building sitting in the middle of the polo grounds, it’s a smaller scale version of any office building, in any city center. There’s a helicopter (covered in what looks like seaweed) on the roof of the structure, and a large ad for “Pond Water — a fragrance for hippos” on one entire side. On the east-facing side, it’s all glass, and festival goers are treated to performance art on a grand scale. Pretty much all day, artists — all in business attire, and all wearing hippo masks — go through some kind of mundane process associated with a corporate work day. Some of the hippos are having problems with the copy machine, some are banging their faces (?) against their computer screens, and some are sitting in a never-ending meeting. The whole thing is fascinating, and one of the more thought-provoking and interesting pieces I’ve seen at Coachella.

Awesome photo courtesy of Chris Wäggänër.

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