Guest Appearance on Byte Into It

Last week on Melbourne\’s 3RRR, Georgia Webster, Andrew Fish, Keren Flavell and myself discussed Windows 7, TinyXP, iPhone security, defamation, video games, the seeming success of the Australian \’net filtering trial and my experiences at the Open Video Conference.

It was a really fun experience and reminded me how much I miss radio. There\’s something very liberating about such a simple live medium, and you don\’t have to worry about whether you\’ve got food on your shirt. Radio is kind of a nerd\’s dream, because it\’s closer to “pure thought” than all the live visual media.

You can download the MP3 here.

2 Replies to “Guest Appearance on Byte Into It”

  1. aussie net filtering has been a success? blast. how?

  2. That should be “success” in inverted commas. They tested it on a few dozen people.

    Not exactly a scalability triumph.

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