Test post from Flock

This is a test post to my blog with Flock. I am trying out the latest Developer Preview, and apart from an initial glitch setting it up to access my blog (it paused indefinately at the “Verifying Blog Settings” screen, but cancelling and trying again did the trick) it seems to be a really great browser.

I can add tags, and instantly drag photos from my flickr account into posts. I would love a similar one that would let me browse my Gallery photos… will have to wait and see if that is buried in the settings somewhere.

Flickr Photo

Let’s test some HTML formatting. Where’s the colour and font selector?

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7 Replies to “Test post from Flock”

  1. looking forward to playing with geekpussycat when you get back.
    No I haven’t done anything with it yet, yes I will.
    I need to figure out how I want it to look first.
    Eh, what I am saying is – I am happy to wait and looking forward to playing around with it.

  2. Doom thinks Flock crashed your blog. Or maybe you just STOPPED UPDATING IT LIKE A LITTLE NANCY-BOY.

  3. sometimes this doom fella talks rotting bull’s faeces… but somehow he’e right on the money this time.

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