Google releases Earth

In a move seemingly designed to make me ruin the inside of my panties, Google has released the first cut of its Earth product, based on technology it acquired when it purchased Keyhole.

The product is, in a nutshell, a copy of the earth on your computer. In fact what it does it stream detailed data from Google’s massive database so that you only see the parts of the earth that you’re interested in at any particular time. It can also overlay data such as roads, populations, crime rates etc.

But don’t take my word for it, check out some reviews.

6 Replies to “Google releases Earth”

  1. I have a Mac and am therefore not allowed to visit earth.

  2. That’s ok, Starfleet rules say that you’re not allowed to influence more primitive cultures anyway.

  3. You know, all this time I thought Dr Doom was you. Cause that makes sense. And now, you have challenged me with this conversation with yourself, or else I need to become aware that Dr D00m is another party.

    Oh wait, hold on, I don’t really care that much. I am commenting from boredom.

  4. Please. Not even Dan is nerdy enough to use a pseudonym like Dr Doom.

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