Dipping a tentative toe in the revenue stream

Hot on the heels of my constant, desperate need for validation, I have now fulfilled my aching, all-consuming desire for approval – Approval for Google AdSense, that is! Hopefully you’ve already been distracted from my worthy content by the litany of relevant ads at the top and to your right, rendered in a tasteful mint blue. Please feel free to click on them often and provide my worthy sponsors with revenue, and help to keep this valuable and selfless service to the web community running*.

* for vanishingly-small values of “valuable” and “selfless”

6 Replies to “Dipping a tentative toe in the revenue stream”

  1. Fixed! I also moved the ad to the left side to correspond to Google’s recommended “hotspots”.

    Thanks for that – I hadn’t bothered to check it in IE yet.

  2. Geez – 800px? I’m sorry, I made a deliberate decision not to support the Commodore 64 when I upgraded my site.

  3. Done! I think I found the right layout.

    Now someone will tell me it crashes Opera.

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