Neal Horsley has sex with anything that moves

I really just don’t know what to think. This has to be a set up, it just has to.

Neal Horsely, anti-abortion activist and anti-homosexual campaigner whose “outing” of doctors who perform abortions has resulted in at least one murder, admits he has had sex with horses and men on the Alan Colmes show.

The point he’s trying to make is that we’re all born in sin, and that he has found redemption for these actions through God, but his argument that we all grow up desiring sex with animals and men is a little hard to swallow.

2 Replies to “Neal Horsley has sex with anything that moves”

  1. What I love about campaigners for christ is the consistency. Actually, this makes me very angry.

    In a happier note, I am sure this will be the first and last time you have both beastiality and abortion listed as tags in the same post.

  2. ps: if anyone fucked with my pets (erm literally), I’d probably kill them. I can’t imagine how protective I’d be if I actually had kids.

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