Flash Mobs

Hot on the heels of my MiniRant(tm) about the Internet and empowering Joe User, I have just discovered Flash Mobs. The very embodiment of spontaneous and overwhelming group action powered by the ‘net, these things sound like a lot of fun.

The idea is that someone suggests a crazy thing for a crowd to do (usually on their ‘blog). Then, a whole bunch of people appear at the agreed time and place and just _do_ it. For example (from cheesebikini.com):

A flash mob went down today in Rome, as an estimated 100 to 300 people flooded a books and music megastore. They asked employees for nonexistent books. They broke into a round of spontaneous applause. Then they dispersed.

The ‘net rules. For more tasty Flash Mob action, check out Satan’s Laundromat.

I really hope this is the start of something big.

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