Meegos are cool!

At least, they’re trying desperately to be cool. The latest cartoony gimmick integrated into MSN Messenger in Australia is doomed to certain failure for one simple reason: they don’t appear in the MSN main window at its default size. Observe:

MSN - meego nowhere

Merry game of spot the meegos anyone? Their tab is off the bottom of the screen.

Anyway, my point wasn’t how stupid the GUI and marketing people involved with Messenger are. Lord knows that topic deserves a blog of its own. I went to the Meegos site, and it seems that their strategy to make money is to charge you to create little cartoony pictures of yourself with their unresponsive and artistically restrictive interface. But even that’s not the stupidest thing. The stupidest thing is, they PROVIDE YOU WITH A REALTIME PREVIEW OF THE PICTURE. Okay, so it’s got a couple of stripes through it… all we need to do is make the blue stripes cool!

So, without further ado, let’s start making the blue stripes cool.

I'm the monkey

Of course, their home page also provides you with a real-time preview of all the clothes too, so anyone who’s handy with a paint tool can make their own meegos from the artwork on the site.


Now someone will go and prove me wrong by telling me how many schmucks have actually bought these things.

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  1. Yo puedo tener los meegos quiera sin tener que comprarlos. Jjajajajajaja


  3. Shut the fuck up all of you!Your all LOSERS!p.s.-Erin Loves Michael -Als-

  4. omg meegos r cool l have about 5, i think they should b free to, but still i thiink its worth payin for to have ur own unique display pic

  5. Hola.. para mi los meegos estan barabaros la cagada es que haya que pagarlos.. estan muy buenos se pueden parecer mucho a uno mismo a las estrellas de cine amigos familia ect.

  6. hola soy mariano de argentina buenos aires don torcuato, y quiero un migoo please o un algo.
    los meegos estan muy buenos y ojlá que halla de animale, estrellas, superheroesen,familia, etc.
    chau saludos mariano julian te sarpastes con ese comentario a los meegos no te metas con ellos

  7. I think that meego’s are stupid and I agree with Dan that they are not worth your time or money. I do think that whoever came up with charging people for an animated cartoon is a genius. I do not think this because they are cool because meegos aren’t. The reason I have this opinion is because they are making a lot of money. If they have as many users as they say. Just think about it this person makes tons of money off of stupid cartoons. I only wish that I could come up with something this ridiculous.
    Oh and to comment if they should be free no, they shouldn’t because this person is selling their idea, and you shouldn’t be able to steal peoples ideas. If you came up with this idea and were making money off of it you wouldn’t want it to be free would you?

  8. How absolutely extraordinary, Becky. I am blown away by your arguments – you clearly went to the George W. Bush School of Logic and Reason.

    Assuming that you aren’t a 3hgroup shill, let’s consider your arguments. Allow me to paraphrase:

    “Normal Meegos aren’t worth the time or money. Animated Meegos are genius, because they are making a lot of money. It is also genius because it’s ridiculous that they make that money.”

    You assume that they’re making a lot of money. You haven’t backed that up, so I have no idea if it’s true or not. But if they are, you’re right, it _is_ ridiculous. But then things get really interesting…

    “They shouldn’t be free because this person is selling their idea, and if you gave it away free it would be stealing.”

    Um… sorry to break it to you, but NOBODY owns the idea of an animation, and if I wanted to give away a bunch of animations tomorrow that I had created, I could, and it would be completely legal. I would not be stealing anything from anyone.


    “If you came up with this idea and were making money off it you wouldn’t want it to be free would you?”

    Actually, that would probably never happen to me, because I wouldn’t try to sell something that wasn’t of ANY REAL VALUE. Assuming I was, then if someone can create that item for virtually zero cost, I was never going to do well in that business anyway, was I? This is the same problem that Microsoft is having with Linux. It’s almost free to download and install, because it’s just a stream of bytes. Being forced to pay for widely distributed identical sets of information in the Internet age is quickly becoming an anachronism, because the costs of production per unit are tending towards zero.

    Go back to school, dolt.

  9. I think Meegos are cool but I would never even consider buying one of them. to me they are worth nothing. but to some people, having a little cartoon that makes faces while you are talking is worth $3 or whatever it is. think about it; as far as I know there is not a “purpose” other than looking cool, for a necklace or braclet. The only reason people buy them is because they are ‘cool.’ in other words, they serve no purpose. same with meegos, It may be a worthless stupid Idea (I think it is) but if people think its worth there $3, let ’em buy ’em. as for me, I will never buy a meego.

  10. Hey “Somebody Else” – how’s things in Becky’s subnet? Nice and cosy? Do you ever feel like she’s INSIDE YOUR MIND?

    Let me give you a counter example: If everyone was handing out free, custom-made bracelets on every corner, and you bought an inferior bracelet that was stamped out by a machine, you would look like a big, fat, hopeless douche.

    Sure, it may be worth $3 to some people, but those people are unimaginative twats and hopefully there’s as few of them in a world as possible.

    I think I’ve made myself clear.

  11. Hehe, Kirk Goblin and ‘Meego’ you live in a fantasy world, there will always be 3lit3 h4ck3rs and c0d3rs to make the internet free, they cannot be stopped, there is always a work around.

    btw: i got 4 animated free meegos and the editor…

    kk thx bye no re.

  12. well er, i am just passing by and looking at you guys talking about meegos and i think that er, it will actually worth the payment and all IF they allow meegos to interact with others and hmmm….. you can even customize your meego and fight with someone else bla bla thing yea? That would be nice no? Like a mini online game will be great.

  13. i want english in internets and who ever said fuck in thiers go them every one is a fuckers exept them:)

  14. i think that meegos are cool but they should be for free, i mean you should not pay to create them you should just make yehm and enjoy them.

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